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Enough is Enough

by EFN & Frank Nawrot

We Who Work 03:07
We who build, we who sing We who sew, we who know We will come We who make, we who grow We who serve, we who work We will come All that we’ve built— All that we’ve grown— All we’ve made— We will come for it!
Come all of you good workers, good news to you I'll tell. Of how the good old union has come in here to dwell. Which side are you on? My daddy was a worker and I'm a worker's kin. I'll stick with fellow workers till we rise up and win! Which side are you on? My mother is a worker and she feeds me her best. I'll stick with fellow workers; I'll get this off my chest! Which side are you on? Come all of you good workers, we're black and white and red. And we won't stop our work till all our mouths are fed! Which side are you on?
You have walked a thousand miles You have spent a thousand days In this whole you are a part In this time your soul’s aflame! Cut your pay or the raise the price Cut your line and break the bank Damn your eyes just like Sam Hall Damn your deeds; damn my eyes Enough is enough We adapt to the pain To survive Still we’re numb Enough is enough This will not be a turned stone Not an adjustment What was death must be life What was many must be one Enough is enough Doomed, just as before, but Now I bleed for my daughters and sons Enough is enough
Our banks are made of marble, from shore to shining shore And the sand is full of silver, that we all sweated for I’ve traveled ‘round this country, from shore to shining shore And it really made me wonder, all the things I heard and Saw I saw the poor dirt farmer plowing sod and loam I heard the auction hammer knocking down his home I saw women working in the sweatshop and the store, In the office and the factory, and at home they scrubbed the floor But the banks are made of marble, with a guard at every door And the vaults are full of silver that we all sweated for I saw my mother working from dawn to setting sun; I heard her saying softly, “Women’s work is never done.” I’ve seen my fellow workers build up this mighty land; Some want to divide us, but together we will stand! Then we’ll own those banks of marble and open every door We’ll share those vaults of silver that we’ve all sweated for.
We will not give up the fight, we have only started. Refugees are welcome here, let's be open hearted. Immigrants are welcome here, let's be open hearted. Dreamers, you are welcome here, you have been invited. We will not give up the fight, we have only started!


Two original tracks and three arrangements of songs to empower the working class.


released July 18, 2018

Music performed by EFN

Rachael Rule. piano
Ben Justis, drums
Brent Ferguson, bass guitar
Neal Long, voice
Gretchen Pille, voice
Nathan Brown, trombone
Nicolas Lira, saxophone
Brett Keating, euphonium

Frank Nawrot, composer

Album art photo by Elvert Barnes:


all rights reserved



Frank Nawrot Kansas City, Kansas

Composer, Guitarist, Music Educator from Grand Rapids, Michigan, currently residing in Wichita

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